Illuminating ‘ghost signs’ with glorious light

Last February we attended the premiere Portland Winter Light Festival at OMSI. The outdoor celebration promised to illuminate “Portland’s waterfront through contemporary light-based art installations, engaging performance, and fun activities for all ages.”  We thought it’d be a mellow affair. Ya know, stroll around and look at some light installations. Not quite. It was packed. […]

Help design the Post-Fossil City

  Cool alert. The Urban Futures Studio is presenting the Post-Fossil City Contest. They’re calling on artists, designers, architects, urbanists, authors, photographers, filmmakers and all-around creative thinkers to imagine a city that is no longer reliant on fossil fuels. Proposals in any shape or form are welcome: from illustrations, 3D models and essays to videos, products […]

Three architecture-focused resolutions for 2017

There are three things I pledge to do in 2017. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon House in Silverton, Oregon Tour Alvar Aalto’s Mount Angel Abbey Library nearby. Write more content for the site. It’s astonishing that these two architects have two projects so close together – both under an hour away from Portland and each minutes […]

Episode six: Walking in the city

LISTEN HERE or HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE. There are three questions on Max Grinnell’s website that ask: How do cities work? Why are people both fascinated and repelled by cities? How can we improve cities? (Hint: It’s not through ye olde fudge shoppes or super-precious cupcake stores.) However, Grinnell, this episode’s guest, has some answers. As […]

Episode Five: Growing food in the city

LISTEN HERE or HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE. Urban farms, or, farming in the city,  on rooftops, vacant lots, front yards. I’ve alway been intrigued with farming in the city and the potential there to feed its people. A couple years ago I read  Jennifer Cockrall King’s book “Food and The City: Urban Agriculture and The New Food […]