Small-scale school farming


chixSchoolyard Farms, a local Portland organization, works with local schools to farm on under-used lawns to grow gardens and teach kids about healthy food.

They’ve been very successful at their premier school, Candy Lane Elementary, and are now setting their sites at New Urban High School, located in the middle of Oak Grove, Ore.

Once set up there, they will dig up the grass, plant edibles and get the students involved. Unlike the elementary school, these kids will learn not only how to grow food, but get some business (and life) lessons on how to sell it. Plans call for a produce stand in front of the school, a CSA and collaboration with the local community. That’s the key here – engaging with the local community. The high school is located in downtown Oak Grove, a struggling Main Street that could use some fresh ideas, a spark, and a project to rally around. The Urban Farm just might be the ticket.

Once initial capital is raised, the farm will sustain itself on produce sales and low-cost after school classes and camps. Reaching their fundraising goal of $20,000 will allow them to serve vegetables grown on the school farm in the cafeteria and create a space to hold farm-based summer camp and after-school classes for New Urban students and interested community members.


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