Small-scale solutions for cities

How can developers make smaller spaces more attractive to city dwellers? More housing, less crime and more amenities for starters, but that’s a different post. There are more ways to make cities livable.

That’s where Small Scale, Creative Solutions for Better City Living comes in.

The book offers project after wonderful project of small-scale public design projects that spark the imagination, from the useful (bridges, day labor station, bathrooms) to fanciful (Zipcar dispenser) from a new generation of artists and architects that are using the city as an open-source platform for ideas. In the same vein as “instant parks” (those annoying DIY parks that bored office workers and students construct every year on city streets to….I dunno…make a statement? Hang out and drink tea? Show how clever they are? I get the whole guerrilla parks concept but they really don’t prove anything) these projects actually offer solutions to problems created by city living and tight spaces. And more than mere solutions – these are creative, inspiring and just plain fun to peruse.


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