Swiftly getting there

I stumbled across a new company and an app called Swiftly. They totally get it. They have a page that explains why they exist (how many tech companies offer this info?). Here’s an excerpt:

At Swiftly, we believe that the future of urban transit will be multi-modal, a trend we’re already seeing start today. It will be a combination of public transportation, rideshare, carshare, bikeshare, scootershare, walking, and more. City residents need a way to compare these options in real-time to find the fastest and most affordable ways around town.

The app provides users with various arrival and departure predictions, official service advisories, and real-time reports from fellow riders working together. It’s currently available in the Bay Area, Toronto, and now in Portland (where I live). I downloaded the app and tried it out today. It’s pretty rad. I wanted to map out how to get to my home to a meeting in downtown Portland. Using (I’m assuming) API data from our local transit (TriMet), it provides times and routes for your final destination. (It automatically looks at official service advisories, Twitter, and reports from fellow riders to help user find and avoid transit issues, in real-time.) Want to drive? It lets you know the route and how long it takes. Taking transit, it gives users a countdown on when the next bus or light rail will arrive (that’s a fun, cool feature). If you want to bike, it provides the time, route and how many calories you’ll burn.

It really is a truly multi-modal app to provide you with various options (nothing for walking though) to get to where you’re going. Check it out here.




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