Episode one: Unwritten downtown Los Angeles: An interview with Kim Cooper

kim 76

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I first met Kim Cooper back in the 90s. She was producing Scram magazine as its editrix and in its pages dug up some great 60s bands, history, and stories. Though not LA-related Scram organically included LA in its pages – the music and the culture were inexplicably linked.

Kim then started the 1947project that documented the offbeat and criminal history of 1947 LA. You can read the archives here.

Nowadays, Kim and her husband Richard run Esotouric, a bus tour into the “secret heart of Los Angeles.” They’re also on Instagram – it’s a great feed of surviving LA.

In this episode Kim dives deep into downtown LA history, from its architecture, lore, its role in film, and introduces us to the Skid Rowe Slasher. I thought I knew my 70s serial killers. Nope. And this one is real nasty.

Give the show a listen. LA has always gotten a bad rap as a place without any “place.” Kim knows her stuff. She loves LA (for the right reasons). You might, too, after listening.

To get you in the mood, here’s a video of Chuck Heston freaking out in downtown LA in The Omega Man:


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