Episode three: Architecture, blogging and old buildings

I’m excited to interview Brian Libby, a journalist and critic living in Portland, Oregon. Among the magazines and newspapers he has contributed to include The New York Times, Dwell, CityLab, Metropolis, and Architectural Record. Brian is also a book author, filmmaker, and runs the popular Portland Architecture.

Portland’s Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. Libby has been a vocal proponent in helping save and recognize this modern marvel.

In the episode that admittedly runs a bit Portland-centric, is still interesting for anyone listening I think. Many of American cities have the same problem: younger population moving in that want to live in the city center, lots of existing buildings that are perfectly fine for renovation but getting knocked down (and in Portland it is epidemic), how to create more housing for these new residents (and why we’re add it, let’s build affordable housing). Brian talks about how Portland can ease out of this current demolishing of livable buildings crisis we’re having, some of his favorite, current and built projects on the books, efforts behind the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum (he’s been very instrumental in saving this modern marvel), and what it’s like to write for the New York Times (I’ve always wanted to know that).




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