EPISODE SIX: Walking in the city


There are three questions on Max Grinnell’s website that ask:

  1. How do cities work?
  1. Why are people both fascinated and repelled by cities?
  1. How can we improve cities? (Hint: It’s not through ye olde fudge shoppes or super-precious cupcake stores.)

However, Grinnell, this episode’s guest, has some answers. As an urbanologist, geographer, historian, and professor, Grinnell is an expert on urban design, planning, public art, the creative economy, and the history of cities.

Grinnell was influenced by the work of Richard Scarry – and uses one of his books in his class.

He’s written books about cities, designed and taught courses on urban studies, community development, geography, planning and sociology, and leads city of tours of Chicago and Boston.

That’s why I wanted to interview him – especially when it comes to walking and seeing cities up close. Why are pedestrians treated as an afterthought in many cities?  Why are cities so fascinating to walk around in? How can cities and their planners make walking easier? In this episode we talk about walking. Taking trains. Technology’s effect on walking. And how the new president-elect could impact the great inroads we’ve made the last decade to make cities more livable.

Copley Square – in the future (now).

Enjoy the show.

If you’d like more info on Max, visit his site here. He also has a new email newsletter out – called On the Street. To get it delivered to your inbox go here to sign up.

Some links you might enjoy:

-Max visited his old neighborhood on Seattle where he grew up. He had some thoughts about that visit.

-When I lived in Boston I spent lots of time at Copley Square. Here, Max writes for Boston magazine on reimaging parts of it.

– Want more information about Richard Scarry? Go here.



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