Between episodes: Help design the Post-Fossil City


Cool alert.

The Urban Futures Studio is presenting the Post-Fossil City Contest.

They’re calling on artists, designers, architects, urbanists, authors, photographers, filmmakers and all-around creative thinkers to imagine a city that is no longer reliant on fossil fuels. Proposals in any shape or form are welcome: from illustrations, 3D models and essays to videos, products and interventions.

The deadline for submissions is February 24. The jury will select ten finalists, who will receive €1,000 to further work out their plans with support from our curatorial team. The finalists will present their proposals at a public event in Utrecht on March 16. The finalized works will be included in the Post-Fossil City Exhibit in Utrecht, which opens on June 15.

From these ten, the jury will select a winner, who will be awarded €10,000.


2 thoughts on “Between episodes: Help design the Post-Fossil City

  1. John, you should come and visit us here: Our site, “A Town Square: Conversations About Where we Live” has been running for 8 years, and we have written extensively about things you might find interesting.

    Great work here – keep it up! And thanks to my brother, Doug Decker, for letting me know about your new-ish blog.


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