Episode 11: We can make our cities better with placemaking, incrementally


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 1.51.10 PM

So, how is the DNA of a place defined? Is it the architecture? Is it the cool, hip shops? Park benches? It’s some of that – but it’s way more. What exactly is placemaking?

This episode we’re speaking with Daniel Hintz, Founder and Chief Experience Architect for The Velocity Group. His company helps towns, cities, developers, and Main streets discover their own DNA of Place™. (That’s trademarked by the way so don’t use it.)

Hintz explains how he works with towns to discover what their own DNA is. It’s more than data. It’s exploring. It’s asking questions. It’s being authentic. And, it doesn’t take gobs of money to transform.

Great street food=street activity=economic development. Bentonville’s culinary scene continues its magnificent march forward. Food trucks now dot the 1,765 acre downtown district. —Photo: Daniel Hintz



Music courtesy of Sounds like an Earful from Creative Commons Vol. 1 (Check them out – they have a slew of great, free music.)


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