Between episodes: Wild in the city

Herons roam Amsterdam. Photo:

I remember picking up a wonderful zine, Urban Pantheist, when we lived in Boston in the early 2000s that focused on wild animals living amongst us in the city. (There was a huge rat problem in Back Bay —and I did spy various critters in The Fens, Somerville, and even Allston.) Here in Portland, there are all kinds of animals that live with us, some in the day and many at night. I’ve seen raccoons, a whole raccoon family (right next to a popular brewery on a main street), coyotes, rats, herons, bald eagles, and possums. Squirrels are so common they’re invisible.

This piece looks at how wild animals are moving into cities. Or is it the other way around?

And in Amsterdam, urban herons (band name!) are taking over some city streets. Between that and the amazing Hortus Botanicus, cities like Amsterdam prove that animals and fauna are amongst us—even when we try to build over them. Viva wildlife in the city!


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