Episode 13: Telling stories about cities: An interview with 168 LAT



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The world keeps getting smaller.

For instance? Instagram is one of my favorite apps – I like to follow people from different cities, towns and countries. Like me, they’re snapping every-day shots of buildings in their cities, street shots, the architecture. It’s the daily stuff, the grind that I really love. It’s not a documentary, it’s not some slick Travel Channel thing. It’s just people – from Tehran, Tokyo, Chicago, Bahrain – taking pictures but still connecting in a powerful but personal way.

This episode is an interview with Susana Toro. She’s one of four women behind an online collaboration called 168 LAT.

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In their words: 168 LAT brings together people in different coordinates to highlight some of the most relevant global issues, ranging from design to geopolitics. We believe in catalyzing the potential of experiences around the globe as a tool to foster innovation.

Here’s what’s cool about it – these four woman all live in different countries—and yet manage to share content created by different photojournalists and writers every 168 hours from a different latitude on Instagram. Hence the name.

In this episode, we talk about the inspiration behind the site, how they use technology to share stories from around the globe, and some of Toro’s favorite stories from the site, from around the world.

Music courtesy of Sounds like an Earful from Creative Commons Vol. 1 (Check them out – they have a slew of great, free music.)

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