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Independence, Ore.

Welcome to the Small-Scale City podcast.

I’m not an urban planner, urban designer, architect or designer.

Sure, I write about these topics and help builders, designers and developers market themselves for a living, but I’m not a practitioner.

What I am, though, is curious. How do adaptive reuse projects get off the ground? Why aren’t there more missing middle projects being built? How do we retrofit Main streets and preserve buildings and our history? Why do some cities shine while others continue to flounder in decay?

Small-Scale City allows me to speak with and interview some smart, interesting people who actually do work in the field or work the dirt and earth.

Look for developer interviews, project profiles, preservation news, urban farming, and stories about how to make neighborhoods and our Main Streets a better place.

Here’s a great resource for small-scale information that inspired me to start the podcast.

If you’re into history, check out Lost Oregon, my other blog on Portland history and architecture.

Get in touch here.

And, be sure to subscribe the the podcast here.


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