Between episodes: A library I’d kill for

If you were to ask me what my dream library would look like, it’d look very close to Studio North’s Library Shaft. Located in a converted warehouse in downtown Calgary, the library is in a former unused space that was once part of the building’s industrial elevator shaft. At 100 square feet, this small space […]

Between episodes: Beer-fueled, crowd-sourced city retrofits

Yeah, I say “neat” a lot. But this project from Heineken is well, neat. It’s always interesting to see brands taking on altruistic social campaigns. The latest is Heineken’s Cities Project  that aims to help restore 10 sites in cities across the U.S. Now in its fifth year, there’s actually been some progress made (it’s more […]

Between episodes: Wild in the city

I remember picking up a wonderful zine, Urban Pantheist, when we lived in Boston in the early 2000s that focused on wild animals living amongst us in the city. (There was a huge rat problem in Back Bay —and I did spy various critters in The Fens, Somerville, and even Allston.) Here in Portland, there are all […]

Between episodes: A tree(s) grow in Portland

In case you missed it, I interviewed Kevin Cavenaugh from Guerrilla Development a couple months ago about his almost-completed Fair-Hair Dumbbell project. With that behind him, he’s been a busy guy. The proof? His newest development in Portland, Tree Farm, might even be more stunning. At least the renderings are. From the website: The design of […]

Between episodes: Soundcities

We’re backed up on episodes – three in the can and ready to publish. Until then, here’s a super cool site we found that lets users listen in on cities and their sounds. Here’s a blurb from their website: Soundcities was the first online open source database of city sounds and soundmaps from around the […]

Between episodes: Illuminating ‘ghost signs’ with glorious light

Last February we attended the premiere Portland Winter Light Festival at OMSI. The outdoor celebration promised to illuminate “Portland’s waterfront through contemporary light-based art installations, engaging performance, and fun activities for all ages.”  We thought it’d be a mellow affair. Ya know, stroll around and look at some light installations. Not quite. It was packed. […]