Built Links: Occasional curated news from the web (April 2020)

Pandemic, yep. Still in disbelief, yet saw it coming in slow-motion (“there’s no way they will suspend the NBA, right?!). But, here we are. The shutdown. The social distancing. Job losses. You know the drill.

However, projects are (for the moment) still getting built, buildings still need to be saved or re-used, and communities are still trying to figure out how to stay alive or readjust.

Do I have answers? Nope. But I do have an idea: collect and curate news from across North Americ each week that explores, reports on, looks at or follows news that’s related to new or used building projects, how communities and neighborhoods are coping and responding, and small-scale city ideas that are emerging and being enacted. I’ve been impressed at the great reporting and the thoughtful discussions on LinkedIn and elsewhere about real ideas that might get us in a better place, but probably not the place we all remember.

“Community building” has taken on a whole new meaning.

I hope the occasional updates are a helpful resource for you. And if you have news to share, send it my way.

People to follow on social media 

Revitalize or Die
Jeff Siegler’s Facebook page offers insight, daily content, interviews, and more. He’s also got a website. As it says, “he believes revitalizing communities is the most important work we can do.” Great stuff. 

Recast City
Ilana Preuss’ Recast City has always been favorite, focusing on neighborhood revitalization with an emphasis on small-scale manufacturing and local business. Follow her on LinkedIn, where she shares tons of info. 

Civic Brand
They’re an agency with a team of strategists, creatives and story-tellers with a passion for helping communities tell their story. Also, they had me at this post on breweries and economic development.


Articles or posts you already might have read, but if not, check them out

Opinion: In A Pandemic, We Need Green Spaces More Than Ever
What does redling, trees and more (or less) nature have to do with other? Plenty. 

The “Why” of Preservation Matters Now More than Ever
Why spend time and money on saving historic sites when people are getting sick, losing their jobs, and struggling to stop every aspect of their lives from unravelling? Start with regarding our historic places as luxuries to recognizing them as necessities. 

National Park Service Announces $14 Million in Grants to Preserve African American Civil Rights
The National Park Service (NPS) has announced $14 million in African American Civil Rights Historic Preservation Fund grants to fund 51 projects across 20 states and the District of Columbia that will preserve sites and history related to the African American struggle for equality in the 20th century.

Unease at Kentucky Project Mirrors Construction Industry’s Fears
A $35 million plan to redevelop one of Louisville’s oldest and poorest neighborhoods is threatened by the coronavirus outbreak.